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Coffee and love stories- the perfect match

Updated: Feb 10

St Valentine's ideas for ESL lessons

It all started with ... an image.

St Valentine's Day has always been a special festival for me. And now when it is only a couple of days away, I can't wait to celebrate it with my family and students. I believe that LOVE should be celebrated in all its aspects so take a look at these ideas.

Yesterday I was looking for a lovely image to send to my hubby when I came across a wonderful photo. Curiously enough, I wanted to learn more about the artist and that's how I found CINZIA BOLOGNESI's IG account. It is said that the Italian talented creator started designing her beautiful photos by accident, while enjoying her morning coffee.

Image Credit: Cinzia Bolognesi

Do you like the image?

I believe that a cup of coffee, a cookie and a pinch of imagination could be used to bring a lot of beauty but also unleash your students' creativity. While browsing through Cinzia's website and Instagram profile, a light bulb came on.

What a perfect way to celebrate St Valentine's day. So I decided to contact the artist and ask for permission to use her photos for this blog post and you can't imagine my excitement when she came back to me with a positive answer.

Thank you, Cinzia.




So next week I intend to use some of Cinzia's images to talk about love, inspiration and creativity. Here are my suggestions:

Write a story

Write a love story with your teen and adult students. I particularly like this photo because it could be interpreted in various ways but your students could choose any image from Cinzia's Instagram profile.

Image Credit: Cinzia Bolognesi

Or maybe use the image below with your young learners. Love could be expressed in many different ways.

Image Credit: Cinzia Bolognesi

Speech bubbles

Put the students in pairs ask them to create a dialogue using the image below.

Image Credit: Cinzia Bolognesi

Picture Dictation

Put the students in pairs. Student 1 looks at the picture and describes it whereas Student 2 draws it. Then working together they could come up with a nice caption or write a story.

Image Credit: Cinzia Bolognesi

Here are two more ways to use the pictures in your classroom.

Spot the difference

Find two pictures which have some differences. Put the students in pairs and give each one a picture which they are not supposed to show to their partner. They need to find the similarities and differences between the two images by describing them. Here are the photos that I have chosen.

Image Credit: Cinzia Bolognesi

download Image 1 here


Image Credit: Cinzia Bolognesi

download Image 2 here


Memory test

Put the students in pairs. Student 1 is given a picture and has 30 sec to look at it. Then student 2 asks questions to find out how much the first student remembers.

Picture 1

Image Credit: Cinzia Bolognesi

Picture 2

Image Credit: Cinzia Bolognesi

Thank you, Cinzia, for giving me permission to use your images in this blog post.


Grab the special 3-lesson plan LOVE Bundle here

This love bundle Includes the following three lesson plans:

  • Be my Valentine – a lesson plan for teenagers and adults

  • What is love? - a lesson plan for young learners

  • I love -a lesson plan for young learners



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Stay blessed till we meet again,

Marusya Price

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