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EdYOUfest leaves me hungry for more

Updated: Apr 15

I have just come back from Street, Somerset and my head is still "buzzing". I've attended EdYOUfest for the second time and what a joy it's been for me ...and I know that the other participants will agree with me.

What is EdYOUfest?

It's a four-day event where inspiring teachers from all over the world:

- share ideas

- learn from each other

- collaborate

- have fun

This year's topic was Psychology and Language Learning and the organisers had invited three incredible speakers: Marion Williams, Lonny Gold and Trevor Harley. I found their plenaries insightful and they reassured me that Inspirational English had the right ingredients to mix Positive Psychology and Learning English. There were also a lot of interesting workshops where teachers could share their ideas and practical tips.

Why did EdYOUfest leave me hungry for more?

Because it is a powerful way for teachers:

- to connect and exchange teaching ideas;

- to inspire and get inspired;

- to learn about new methods of teaching which are fun and transformational;

- to feel like SUPERHEROES;

- to form long-lasting friendships;

- to meet old friends;

- to learn about other cultures;

- to grow as a person and educator;

- to learn from the best in the educational field;

- to have fun;

- to create incredible memories

And last but not least because I was able to share my ideas and experience on using mindfulness tools in my first workshop EVER!

WOW! What an amazing experience it was for me. I am really overwhelmed with the positive feedback I received. I am so happy that many teachers came to me and said how inspiring the workshop was and expressed their eagerness to implement new mindful methods in their lessons. In the next few weeks I will be sharing more about my workshop.

Stay tuned


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Have you attended any teaching seminars this summer? If so, I would love to hear more about your experience.

Now it's time for me to put my "teaching" hat on :)

Have an inspiring weekend,

Marusya Price

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