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Empower your students with this amazing mindfulness tool

Updated: Nov 11, 2019


Those of you who are familiar with my blog know that empowering students is my mission. I use various resources to achieve this- inspirational stories, videos, poems, songs, to name but a few.

Nevertheless, I noticed that more and more students would come to me and say:

I don’t believe in myself.

I feel anxious.

I’m struggling to manage my feelings.

I can’t calm my mind.

I am not confident enough.

Or parents would say:

Can you help my child focus better?

Does it sound familiar?

So twelve months ago I decided to introduce MEDITATIONS to my students- a powerful mindfulness tool that I have been using in my life for a few years. I believe that I owed my personal growth and enhanced creativity to meditating so I knew I was onto a winner.


It’s a technique where we focus on our breath, sound or a mantra.

Meditating has a lot of benefits. And while many people use this mindfulness tool to improve their health and relax their mind and body, we, educators, can boldly introduce it to our students because it:

stimulates the imaginative aspects of the brain;

encourages critical thinking

enables us to reflect on our thoughts

helps us to learn how to manage our emotions ( great as a pre-writing activity)

we become more self-aware

Where can we source meditations?

Apart from YouTube, you can have access to a lot of meditations on different apps. My favourite one is Insight Timer. Despite the fact that the app has some paid features; it offers a great variety of free meditations for different ages and purposes. You can also create your own meditation when you go into the TIMER feature.

Next week I will show you how I use meditations with my students.

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Have a mindful weekend,

Marusya Price

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