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Help Your Students Create AMAZING Memories

Updated: Mar 31

Do you know what makes your students happy?

*The perfect grades

*Getting a dreamed scholarship

*An easy homework assignment?

Yes, all of the above could make them feel full of beans but due to the nature of Hedonic Adaptation*, they would soon get used to this positive emotion and feel deflated,  uninspired or bored again.

*Hedonic Adaptation= The process of becoming accustomed to a positive or negative stimulus so much that the emotional effects of that stimulus are decreased over time.

Our students get used to practising grammar and vocabulary exercises, doing reading comprehension activities and reciting words.

So what's the solution?

Create Fun experiences which will leave long-lasting memories, such as

*use the power of "visualisation" to take them on a memorable virtual journey

*let them unleash their own imagination and write about their own sensual trip

*take them on a mindful walk in the park

*immerse them in an unforgettable "forest bathing" activity

*show them that by "living in the moment", we allow life to happen through us, not to us


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Finally, have you seen my new bundle LIVING IN THE MOMENT?

The bundle consists of 3 lesson plans for teens/ adults (level B2/ C1) on the topic of LIVING MINDFULLY. Each lesson plan is a gentle mix of modern language teaching and mindfulness elements. They are supposed to be used in succession. However, they can be easily adapted as individual lessons.

Lesson 1- a song-based lesson which introduces the concept of "Living in the Moment"

Lesson 2- a video-based lesson which explores different mindful techniques

Lesson 3- it includes a mediation, writing and speaking activities

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Marusya Price

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Marusya Price

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