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Issue 50 of the e-zine INSPIRATIONAL ENGLISH is OUT

Dear reader,

It would appear that people who have a growth mindset seem to adapt easily to a rapidly-evolving world and in many cases, this can help them considerably with their career choices. Modern companies are after employees who use critical thinking skills to solve problems and are eager to learn.

Here in the UK, the tendency is to start work as an apprentice rather than find your perfect job with a university qualification. Why is that?

Because nowadays an employer wants to hire someone who:

-is prepared to develop through practice and constant effort;

-sees life as opportunities rather than obstacles;

-embraces challenges;

-takes responsibility for their failures and success;

-celebrates other people´s success;

-knows that we learn from our mistakes in order to grow;

-is willing to seek advice and listens to it

-reflects on their mistakes and accomplishment

Do you think your students have those skills?

It can be obvious that many students detest going to school (Yes, the educational system MUST be changed). They see studying as a chore which takes them away from their hobbies and friends. So our task is to ignite their desire to learn and show them that it is alright to push themselves.

Issue 50 brings to you a collection of articles, tips and resources which will help you put the vision of growth midset into place. Certainly, embedding such culture in your school is an ongoing project but that is definitely something that your students will be truly grateful for later.

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Marusya Price

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