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Living in the Moment

Updated: Mar 31

Last summer I signed up for a yoga and sound bath retreat. I was particularly looking forward to dipping into the soothing sounds created by the crystal bowls as it was going to be my first proper sound bath.

When the big moment arrived, I lay on the soft yoga mat, covered myself with a warm blanket and... fell fast asleep. I woke up almost at the end of the practice and feelings of guilt, self-resentment and disappointment started gnawing at me. How could I miss the healing power of sound? Upon sharing my mixed feelings, the sound therapist said:"Everyone gets what they need from this practice."... and she was right. I was going through a rough period of long sleepless nights and ignoring my body's loud cries for self-care. And I was reminded of these words during a lesson yesterday. I was teaching a 16-year-old girl who's been my student for three years. I knew that recently she had been feeling rather deflated due to peer and school pressure so I decided to run my latest mindful lessons on "Living in the moment". I played my meditation "Wake up your senses" and when I asked her: "How did the meditation make you feel, Sarah?", she replied:"Inspired" with a big smile on her face. ️ Students usually say: relaxing, calming, awake but... "Why" inspired, Sarah? " I was curious to find out. "Because when you asked me to open my eyes and look to my right, I saw my paintings on the wall and they reminded me how much I enjoy creating colourful magic on the canvas. For me time stops when I paint, teacher." And this is when I heard the therapist's words echoing in my head. "Everyone gets what they need from this practice." "Oh, I can't wait to grab my paintbrushes and let my creativity flow." my student added. I knew  I couldn't waste this opportunity to allow Sarah to channel her inspiration so I challenged her: "Let's paint with words now, Sarah. Write a short story beginning with the following sentence: When I opened my eyes, everything was... (choose a particular colour)." I allowed the teenager to write for 10 min and while watching her, I couldn't help admiring the restorative power of a meditative practice. You can find the three lesson plans LIVING IN THE MOMENT (suitable for B2 students) here.

Living in the Moment-  3 ESL plans utilising Mindfulness elements

The bundle consists of 3 lesson plans for teens/ adults (level B2/ C1) on the topic of LIVING MINDFULLY. Each lesson plan is a gentle mix of modern language teaching and mindfulness elements. They are supposed to be used in succession. However, they can be easily adapted as individual lessons.

Lesson 1- a song-based lesson which introduces the concept of "Living in the Moment"

Lesson 2- a video-based lesson which explores different mindful techniques

Lesson 3- it includes a mediation, writing and speaking activities


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Until we meet again, be blessed

Marusya Price

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