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Meeting Inspirational Online Children’s poet

Updated: Mar 29

Sheltered beneath those magnificent moors

Is a town that for certain you’ll want to explore.

Its spa waters brought its Victorian guests

And they naturally wanted hotels of the best.

Walk up on the moors and breathe in the fresh air

And your heart will be captured by beauty – take care!

Then return once again to Ilkley’s fine town

Which Bradford proclaims is the jewel in her crown.

This is part of the poem DISCOVER ILKLEY by the famous children's poet Josie Whitehead who I've been working with for the last two years. We've been emailing and skyping each other regularly and finally met in person at the beginning of the month.

Marusya Price meets Josie Whitehead in Ilkley

Even though we had to keep social distancing, I could still enjoy the wonderful stories and feel the positive energy that Josie has. She took us to some of her favourite places in this picturesque Yorkshire town and had a picnic not too far away from the white Wells where the wealthy Victorians used to come for their healing baths.

Josie's poems have been featured in my e-zine Inspirational English and my website regularly. My young students absolutely love her work for:

✳the powerful descriptions

✴beautifully told stories

✳witty rhymes

✴a great variety of topics: seasons, places, animals, Yorkshire, you name it

✳they can listen to the poet read her own poems on the website

Josie's poems have been featured in many of my blog posts. Here are some of them:

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Finally, here’s an interview that Josie Whitehead gave for Inspirational English two years ago.

If you want to introduce Josie Whitehead's poems to your students, check out her website.


What are your students' favourite poems?


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Until we meet again, be blessed

Marusya Price

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