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Mindful Challenge #1 for your English lessons

Updated: Mar 16

mindul challenge for the ESL classroom


The world doesn't seem to be the same any more. I hope the external turmoil hasn't affected your inner peace too much. I have to admit I am struggling here. The war in Ukraine goes against my personal and professional values. I see a great deal of distress in my students' eyes and behaviour. A young girl from Shanghai told me a few days ago that in order for her to keep her sanity, she'd been focusing on the things that matter in life the most and the beauty she is surrounded with.

Inspired by our lesson I wrote a poem called "What matters" which I shared on my social media on Saturday evening. You can hear it on Facebook and Instagram.


And I think you'll agree with me that now more than ever we need to find ways to bring calm and focus into our classroom. I've decided to run a 3-part mindful challenge which aims to encourage you to implement some very simple mindful techniques which will help your students (and you, trust me) feel more present and relaxed in class. Here comes Challenge 1.

You can download the introduction of my book "101 activities to teach English mindfully" here.



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May you have a peaceful day,

Marusya Price

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