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My Students' Favourite Summer Lessons

Updated: Mar 29


How is your summer going? Mine is packed with classes, courses and an occasional trip to the beach.

Yesterday a teenage student and I read a text about a new app which helps users explore the underwater world. While discussing it, the boy said:

"Teacher, why don't you create a visualisation with the same theme? It would be so cool, wouldn't it?"

It didn't take me long to realise it was a great idea. "How about you help me, Harry?" I suggested.

My student jumped at the chance. He sketched a table quickly, jotted down the five senses and started filling in the columns with sensory words.

Fully immersed in this planning activity, Harry didn't realise that he learned lots of keywords, such as a sunken trawler, a school of fish, and a spiny sea squirt.

The truth is that we both had to read up on what happens to our body when we dive into the water, how we should behave around corals, and which fish we should avoid. Good stuff!

After all the ideas had been brainstormed, I  wrote the script for the new visualisation this morning and it's ready to be recorded.

I can't wait to hear the final product after my husband mixes it all up and sprinkles his "sound effect" magic. And I am sure neither can my students.

Creating a visualisation is a long creative process. However, seeing my students' excitement and growth as well as being aware that many other teachers are also using my work, make every hour worth it.

And while I am working on this new project, I wanted to share with you two of my students' favourite summer lessons.

There’s something FISHY going on at the beach

- a lesson plan for young learners


Your official invitation to the English seaside

- a visualisation-based lesson plan for teens and adults


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Looking for more summer-infused lessons?

Have you seen my special bundle "Sights and Sounds of Summer?

"Sights and Sounds of Summer" includes three lesson plans:

1. The little butterfly

2.The prettiest pebble

3. Summer memories

Each lesson plan is based around a poem. I've created comprehension activities as well as a powerful visualisation which will wake up your students' senses. The lessons are a gentle mix of positive psychology and modern teaching.


Until we meet again, be blessed

Marusya Price

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