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Sights and Sounds of Spring

Updated: Apr 1

I know that spring is in full swing in many countries in the northern hemisphere but here in England, the weather has been wet and gloomy for months so it has taken me a while to create the spring collection of mindful resources. Haha, I had to “visualise a lot of blossoms and bluebells to get into the mood. Still, I am really pleased with the result. I have already used the lessons with some of my students and they loved them. Bearing in mind we are all supposed to stay at home, that´s the perfect opportunity for ESL teachers to bring the gorgeous sounds, colours, smells and sights of spring into our real or “online” classroom.

sights and sounds of spring


Sights and Sounds of Spring brings the following 3 visualisation-based lesson plans:

1.Spring in the Playground

This is a lesson plan for young learners in which the visualisation will take them on a virtual journey to the playground. They´ll do an online puzzle to practise the new vocabulary. The lesson will enhance their speaking skills and creativity.

You can check out the visualisation below:

2. Spring in the meadow

This is a visualisation-based lesson plan for Intermediate students where they will be transported to an English meadow. Filled with beautiful bluebells, chirping nightingales, sunshine, and lots of sound effects this mindful resource will help your students feel relaxed and leave their senses fully awake. The ESL lesson contains listening, speaking and writing activities. I´ve also created a quiz on Kahoot to practise the new vocabulary.

Here´s the visualisation from the lesson:

3. The Magic of Cherry Blossom

The third mindful lesson plan is for teens and adults (level B2) and aims to improve the students' cognitive skills. Through various exercises, they will stay in the present moment with openness and curiosity. The lesson includes speaking, listening and writing activities.

Have a listen to the visualisation which I have created for this lesson:

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Marusya Price

Inspirational English exploring cherry blossoms

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