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Spreading Kindness

Updated: Apr 15

spreading kindness in the ESL classroom

A couple of weeks ago one of my favourite bloggers Maria Theologidou published her latest post. The headline included the buzzwords: No-prep activities and Kindness so I was eager to check it out straight away. And I have to say Maria didn’t disappoint me at all. I love all the ideas she’s suggested but the one I first used with my students ( and they loved!) was:

Welcoming a new friend, XYZ2/ Please, explain

The activity involves meeting a friendly alien who’s struggling to make friends on our planet. So after discussing what problems XYZ2 could have faced, we brainstormed various ways to help them. Then we used Spark Adobe to create a poster with some useful tips.

For homework, I assigned completing a Weekly Kindness Journal where the students can write about the acts of kindness they’ve performed and/or witnessed.

You can download the pdf here

If you’re enjoying the summer holiday now, you can always introduce this weekly journal to your students from September when you’re all back to school.

What activities to promote kindness do you use with your pupils?


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