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The gift you don’t want to miss

Updated: Nov 3, 2019


I am really pleased that the last blog post Do you really believe that students can learn English by visualising? has stirred a lot of interest. Thank you for your feedback. It was lovely to read your comments. It's wonderful to see that there are so many teachers who are willing to use visualisations in their lessons. In case you've missed my FREE lesson plan The Little Butterfly, you can find it here.

So this week I've got a special gift for one of you who's already used one of my visualisation-based lesson plans.

And the gift (worth $297) is...Lifetime Access to the Mindful Education Summit which ended last Sunday.

I got the Summit myself and I am blown away by the knowledge and experience that the experts share in the videos. You'll be able to learn how to introduce mindfulness practices in your school and what impact they have had on the students in American classrooms. Some of the most renowned names in the world of mindfulness talk about how educators can bring Calm, Attention, Resilience, Compassion and Cultural Transformation through awareness-based activities.

The Summit Resource Package includes:

-Unlimited lifetime access to all 30+ video sessions. The over 18 hours of summit video sessions can be streamed from the online portal or downloaded to your computer or mobile device.

-Audio recordings so you can listen in the car, or on the run. Audio can be downloaded to your computer, phone or other devices.

-Certificate of Completion which also gives you the ability to apply for graduate-level professional development credits and other CE Credits

-Transcripts of all sessions available in easy one-click downloadable PDFs, to read along, highlight, and take notes.

-The full 5-Day Practice Challenge with Dr. Rick Hanson plus a 7-Day Mindful Living Series to integrate mindfulness into your day in under ten minutes.

-4-Part Calm Your Mind and Focus Your Attention Series to develop your ability to ground yourself, return your attention to the present, and fully find yourself at any moment.

-Guided Meditation Library for easy access to all event practices in video and audio format, plus additional guided meditations.

-Daily Practice Deep Dive with two essential practices that you can easily integrate into your day for moments of pause.

-Mindful Games for Kids with all 5 Mindful Games from the summit to introduce mindfulness to your kids with Susan Kaiser Greenland.

How can you get the gift?

Simply answer the following question:

Which of my visualisation-based lesson plans have you used with your students and what impact has it had on them?

Please, send your answer by the end of November to my email address:

If you'd like to find out more information about my visualisation-lesson plans,

please, click here.

Look forward to reading your answers.

Have a mindful weekend,

Marusya Price

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