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The Magic of Spring

Updated: Apr 21


The weather's been so bad over here in England for the last two weeks and it doesn't feel like spring, I am afraid.

However, listening to my spring visualisations has brought so much joy, relaxation and presence not only to me but also to my students.

Soft green grass

A lark's melodic song

A canopy of beautiful blossom

Dancing sunrays

Rustling breeze

Are some of the sensations that will transport your students into a magical spring setting.


I've spoilt my students with my special collection of mindful lesson plans SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF SPRING. And, boy, did they enjoy them! Not only were they able to learn and practise new spring-related vocabulary but the visualisations left them feeling relaxed. I also noticed that after practising mindfulness for over two years, they have become more observant, creative and focused.

These are some of my students´ observations which I find rather insightful:

“Thank you, teacher, for taking me to my favourite playground. It was great to share the merry-go-round with these children and make new friends.”

“I was so happy to touch a bluebell for the first time. Yes, it felt as soft as silk.”

“I loved the song of the nightingale. It was amazing to see how it was feeding the little chicks.”

“I wonder what these cherry blossoms are talking about. May I create a dialogue, teacher?”

The power of visualisation worked its miracles again. The learners´ senses were awake and they were curious to find out more about birds, plants and places they'd never heard of before.


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Feeling that my students were eager to take in more natural beauty, I created another spring lesson inspired by a fabulous video I came across on Facebook. After seeing the joy (and some happy tears) in their eyes, I have decided to share it with you.

The Magic of Spring

Step 1

Ask the students to match the two halves of the phrases:

Sun comes over the atmosphere

valleys turn to burn out

Forests shed their mountains

Birds sing songs of winter

I can hear the earth hope

Magic in sing out

Sing until the stars falls down

Dance until the moon gold

Step 2

The phrases in Step 1 come from the song WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL by Emorie & Chelsea McGough. Play the song in order for the students to check their answers.


Sun comes over mountains

valleys turn to gold

Forests shed their winter

Birds sing songs of hope

I can hear the earth sing out

Magic in the atmosphere

Sing until the stars burn out

Dance until the moon falls down

Step 3


1. How does spring make the singer feel?

2. What does she compare spring with?

3. What does she describe as “so wonderful, wonderful”?

4. The lyrics say “you make my spring awake my soul”. How does spring make you feel?

5. What makes spring so beautiful and special for people?

Step 4

Mindful observation

Tell the students that they will watch a short video that illustrates the beauty of spring. While watching it, they need to complete the following sentences:

I can see…

I can hear…

I can smell…

I can touch…

I feel…

Find the video here.

Step 5

After watching the video, check the students´ ideas. You may want to teach some specific vocabulary that appears in the video:

Colourful Blossom, bedecked with blossom, playful parrots, glorious colours, chirping birds, new-born leaves, spreading wings, water still like a millpond, purple explosion, dancing sun rays, looking skyward, majestic bird

Step 6


1. How did you feel while watching the video?

2. Would you like to see any of these beautiful places shown in the video? Why?

3. Did it bring any specific memories?

Step 7

Think about your favourite place of natural beauty, for example, your local park, a campsite or a forest near your home. Imagine it in spring and write a short descriptive passage/poem. Use vocabulary which depicts what you see/hear/smell/taste/feel there.

Give a time limit (10-15 min). I also play some natural sounds to help the students get into the mood. You could try this one.


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Until we meet again, be blessed

Marusya Price

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