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The Rainbow

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I love rainbows. They've always appeared in my life when I needed a sign of hope and some assurance that "everything will be alright". How about you? Additonally, I am aware of my students' struggles so being a rainbow in their life is something I truly believe in.


So inspired by one of Josie Whitehead's poems, I created this mindful lesson plan for young learners.

The Rainbow

Mindful Lesson Plan for Young Learners

Step 1

Show a picture of a rainbow. You can find lots of pictures here.

Ask the students when they can see a rainbow. What does it look like? How does a rainbow make them feel?

NB. Pre-teach the word “arch” which appears in the poem they’re going to read later

Step 2

In the next step the students are going to listen to a poem called “Making a rainbow”. I have prepared a presentation which aims to pre-teach and practise some key vocabulary that appears in the poem. Click on the link below to see the presentation:


Step 3

Ask the students if they know how a rainbow is made. Inform them they're going to hear Josie Whitehead’s poem called “Making a rainbow”. Play the poet’s recording of the poem from the link below. Ask the students to clap/stand up every time they hear a word from Step 2.

After playing the recording, ask the students again what makes a rainbow according to the poem.

Step 4

Mindful reading

Prepare a worksheet with the poem for each student. Clarify any unfamiliar vocabulary. Then split the class into 3. Groups. Each group will have the following characters:

Student A - sunflower 1

Student B- sunflower 2

Student C- Narrator

Play the recording again and draw the students’ attention to the way the poet uses her voice to express: surprise, asking a question, or exclamation.

Then allow the students to read the poem in their small groups. If you want, run a contest and choose “THE BEST READ “poem.

Step 5

Mindful observation

Ask the students if they know the colours of the rainbow.

Answer: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

Then ask them to observe mindfully around and write in their notebook objects that have this colour. First dictate RED and give the students 30 seconds to find an object and then write it down in the notebook. Invite them to find as many objects as possible. In case, they do not know the word in English, explain they can write it down in their mother tongue and you could help them at the end of the activity. Then proceed with the rest of the colours.

Homework ideas:

1 Ask the students to write an acrostic poem beginning with rainbow.

2. Ask them to draw a picture of their favourite scene from the poem and write a paragraph which describes what they have drawn.

3.Invite the students to imagine they have to have a friend who's blind. How can they describe a rainbow to their friend?


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Looking for more mindful ideas for your English lessons?

My book "101 activities to teach English mindfully" includes my students' favourite mindful exercises divided in the following sections:

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Until we meet again, be blessed

Marusya Price

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