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The sensory challenge

Updated: Apr 15

My students love playing games and I’m sure yours do as well. Let’s admit it we, teachers, enjoy acknowledging the child within. I always feel excited when I have the chance to join my students’ games.

Last week I read about a game called Mission: Possible, posted by FluentU.

So I thought I could tweak the game in order to bring some mindfulness into my lessons. Here’s my version:

Before the lesson prepare envelopes which contain mindful tasks, for instance:

· Find objects which are rough/smooth/soft/solid/round/fluffy/rectangular/round/square

· Stay still and note down ten different sounds you hear

· Try balancing as many objects as possible on your body. You could specify, for example, on your feet while sitting/on your right hand/on your head

Find out more about this option here

· Pick an object in the classroom and describe it with as many words as possible. Think about its shape/size/colour/smell/feel/memories it brings

· Clench your fists tightly for 10 seconds (make sure you’ve got a timer). After you release your hands, describe how they feel.

· Use objects from the classroom to build a construction as high as possible

Divide the class into small groups and give each group an envelope. Set a time limit and off they go!

You can play the game at the end of the class when you have a few minutes to spare or when you have planned a lesson on mindfulness.


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Happy mindful teaching,

Marusya Price

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