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Yoga Songs in the EFL classroom

Updated: Mar 29

Hi there,

I was really overwhelmed by the number of teachers who contacted me to express their interest in using yoga in their EFL classroom. If you missed my last post Yoga Video Stories in the EFL classroom, you can read it here.

As promised, today I’m sharing some other ways you can introduce yoga to young learners.

Why are they appropriate for our students?

Because they are:



*easy to remember

*simple to follow

*a great way to create mindfulness moments in the classroom

Here are some of my students’ favourite yoga songs:

Fly like a butterfly

Yoga Song for Kids

Clap it!

Teddy Bear Sun Dance (slow version)

Teddy Bear Sun Dance (fast version)

The Yoga Alphabet

Hope you like my little collection of yoga songs. If you know any other ones, please, leave a comment below.

Next time I’ll share what yoga stories I read with my students.


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Until we meet again, be blessed

Marusya Price

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