"Miss Marusya gave me the motivation I needed. Her way to teach impressed not only me but the whole group as well. All the students I have met there were also impressed by her teaching."

Ukte, Germany

"My classes with Marusya are fun, always in a relaxed atmosphere. She becomes your friend and she is more than your teacher and that's a lifetime experience. Thanks for making me confident to speak English. I will always remember my summer and your class."

Efra, Mexico

"You are my first best teacher. You always thought of us and how we could improve our spoken English and grammar. You also gave us some tasks in class. I think that's good for me. What is more, you were not only talking about content of class but also were talking about yourself like what you did last weekend or about a movie you watched." 

Mirano, Japan

"What I want is to say:” Thank you” for everything that you shared with me. Not only did you teach me but you also showed me a lot of things and I am really grateful. I realise the time I spent with you has been great and you are the best teacher that I could have. I really wish you could have the life that you want and always follow your dreams. Please, never change yourself and never lose your smile. Thank you for giving me a smile every day!"

Alba, Spain

"I love your teaching style because every time you tried to give everybody the chance to speak English. You always brought some extra activities for us. Also I learnt some life skills in your lessons. For example, I will never forget your lesson about “Happiness”. Up until now you are my best English teacher in my life. Last but not least, you made me eager to study English. I never got bored in your class."

Jiyoung, Korea

"Before meeting Marusya, I had lots of troubles speaking English and using grammar correctly. I had the opportunity to be taught by her. Then, my English improved very much. She is good at teaching various skills. She knows very well what every student wants to learn and reflects our opinion in the next class. Before I came to England, I disliked grammar. But now, I really like grammar because of my best teacher Marusya! I've met some teachers but, she's been the best of best teachers I've ever met."

Daun Jung, Korea

"You have given me so much!  English is a treasure and thanks to you I am able to communicate with people all over the world. You have always inspired me to learn more and to try to improve my English by reading, listening to BBC . Thanks to you I can now expand my knowledge in Physics by reading literature from one of the best universities. I definitely feel richer and I will always be grateful to you. To me you aren't just a teacher but a friend. Thank you!"

Biliana Vidova, Bulgaria

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I am happy that you were my teacher. Your way of teaching is unique. Life is short, so enjoy it, love it and don’t cry! This story ends today but the experience stays forever. I love you."

Liese-lotte Bekaert Belgium