If you have heard about “mindfulness” then why don’t you explore how you can use it

in your classroom to empower your students?

I offer workshops to ESL teachers who are eager to utilise mindfulness activities in their lessons. 

You will learn

• Why we need mindfulness in modern language teaching
• How mindfulness helps students become better learners
• How to apply different mindfulness techniques in your lessons

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Discover how to use mindfulness tools

in your ESL class


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Elena Malashenko

Thank you, Marusya,  
for your thoughtful ideas and mindfulness techniques

Jenny Idaly

Thank you 
! A very interesting workshop! I can't wait to try mindfulness with my students in September!

Alessandra Spagna

 It was really motivating because I often have asked myself whether I could bring some mindfulness practice into my own classroom.

Ken Paterson

Wonderful workshop, Marusya! Very interesting point about the 'negativity bias'. Totally agree that bringing students into or back to the 'present' is a powerful aid to learning.

Olga Raz

Thank you, Marusya, for this workshop. 'Negative bias' was a new concept for me. I now have more understanding of why it is sometimes hard for people to switch from work to English in the middle of a working day. Finding out how I can help my students learn and feel better is really useful.

Tatiana Piatakova

Thank you, Marusya, for the thought-provoking workshop! Your English lessons are really inspirational! Now I know what activity to use to speak with my students about the present events in my country - mindfully and patriotic!