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Do you see your students disempowered, demotivated and lacking confidence?


Do you feel that you want to help them believe in themselves but you don’t have the right teaching tools or lesson plans?

 During my twenty years of teaching, I have seen a lot of disheartened students. I was struggling to find the appropriate teaching materials so it was not long until I decided to create my own. This is when I noticed the positive transformation in my students- teenagers conquering their fears and standing tall. There’s nothing more motivational than seeing your students spread their wings, is there?

My name is Marusya Price, an English teacher from Bulgaria. I live in the beautiful county of Kent, known as the Garden of England. So far I have enjoyed teaching English professionally in my home country, Spain and England.

Currently, I provide English classes online and design the free e-zine “Inspirational English” for passionate teachers who want to bring POSITIVITY into modern education.

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