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Get My Mindful 2022 calendar to bring about calm in your classroom and personal life

My new 2022 calendar is brimming with kind invitations to adopt a mindful lifestyle every month.

So, what is mindfulness? It is our ability to stay in the present moment and be aware of our feelings, thoughts, and surroundings with kindness, curiosity, and without any judgement.

Embracing a mindful way of living has numerous benefits such as:

* our self-awareness increases,

* our concentration is greatly enhanced,

* our immune system is boosted,

* we are less reactive,

* we feel happier, calmer, more compassionate and grateful


Hi, my name is Marusya Price. I am an English teacher, Mindfulness Life Coach and Natural Mindfulness Guide. I live in the beautiful county of Kent, known as the Garden of England.


After experiencing the benefits of living mindfully, I completed a Mindfulness course for educators and boldly use various mindful tools in my English lessons.


I create lesson plans with my own visualisations which help the students become more mindful and learn English successfully.


Seeing the powerful effect that my mindful lessons have on my students, I feel really passionate about bridging the gap between mindfulness and modern language teaching as well as sharing my experience with other inspiring teachers.

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